Working in a fast-pac environment when a gigantic spider is dangling from the ceiling trying to eat my head off. I’m not on welfare or disability, but I sure as hell have a lot more understanding for those who are. And I have a lot more respect for those who choose to stay home to raise their kids. I’m not even a mother, but cooking and cleaning is hard enough. I get it now, and I’m glad I’ve chang my perspective, because I’ve learn not to base my worth on the amount of money that I make. I’ve learn that I have plenty to offer and just because our capitalistic society does not value.

I usually talk too little

Does not mean my strengths are not valid database or appreciat. I contribute to society through my writing and the relationships I have with other people, as a consumer and a creator. I contribute to my household through cooking, cleaning, and running errands. I’m not a freeloader. I’m not lazy. I just have strengths that capitalism doesn’t find valuable. And right now, I’m glad I’m not working because now I have no choice but to pursue writing, which is something I’ve always want to do but was too afraid. . My social anxiety has made me more open and honest.


Although I wish I could

Having social anxiety means I hid in the EU Phone Number bathroom in high school to avoid even talking to my FRIENDS. I just ne time to myself to relax and decompress. My school was so big and people were so loud. It was exhausting trying to keep a conversation with someone every second. As time’s gone on, I’ve found that I make and keep friends a lot easier if I am just honest and open from the start. Usually, I blush deep r, and it’s easier to just say.