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Customization – definition Customization is not the same as personalization Is this strategy for everyone? Word of mouth marketing and increase customer satisfaction Mass customization Customization is a marketing strategy that receives more and more attention. It assumes that customize products provide customers with greater benefits than standard products. The latter are not so well suite to their preferences. The condition for successful customization is the ability to obtain precise information about what customers actually want. But are they themselves able to precisely define their preferences.

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It turns out yes. Is it worth taking into account the individual preferences of consumers? Check what to do to increase sales. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Customization – definition Product customization is certainly not new database to the market. However, only recently have more and more companies include it in their offer. This is best explaine with a specific example. Imagine such a scenario. Your car is in service so you are waiting at the bus stop. You have an important meeting in half an hour. The bus is late. At some point you know you can’t wait any longer if you don’t want to be late. Looking for a solution, you notice a car in a nearby parking lot for minutes. You make a decision instantly.


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You are behind the wheel. You take a few moments to adjust the seat and steering wheel. Click on the radio to find your preferre station. You turn up the air conditioning. This is customization. If it was your own car, the situation would be EU Phone Number different, wouldn’t it? You sit down, start the engine and your vehicle instantly adjusts the height of the seat and steering wheel to your comfort. The radio starts playing your favorite album, and the air conditioning immeiately starts to cool the air to a pleasant 20 degrees – just the way you like it. This is personalization. The main difference between the two is who is making the changes. Sounds complicate? Let’s take a closer look at this.

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