Hikone Castle and Town Travel Guide

Picturesque lakes and historic castles, these are the most characteristic elements of the small Japanese city of Hikone. Situated on the shores of the nation’s largest lake, Lake Biwa, in Shiga Prefecture, Hikone is full of natural beauty and historical significance.

Hikone is famous for its remarkably well-preserved castle, which bears the same name as its host city. Hikone Castle is, in fact, one of five Japanese castles designated as national treasures .

This honor the highest designation for cultural properties in Japan

Is due to its unique combination of architectural Database styles. What awaits you in this mystical destination? Keep in mind that you will be taking a journey back in time to bygone eras, if you decide to put this useful Hikone travel guide to use.

Hikone could be a very interesting excursion from Kyoto and from other major cities in Japan , if your itinerary allows you to spend an afternoon or a whole day in the city. It is also a good stopping point on the long journey between Kyoto and Tokyo. Access to this pleasant location is easy and affordable when you use the Japan Rail Pass .

Hikone Station is located on the JR Tokaido main line and can be reached in two ways. From Tokyo Station or Shinagawa Station, you can take the JR Tokaido Main Line directly to Hikone. Near Hikone, there is the Biwako line, named after the lake that is nearby.

From Tokyo to Hikone Alternatively you can take the direct train from Hikari


JR Tokaido Shinkansen line to Maibara Station. At Maibara, you EU Phone Number change to the Tokaido Main Line and after a four-minute train ride, you arrive at Hikone Station. This is the fastest way: the journey takes about two hours and is fully included in the JR Pass.

From Kyoto to Hikone
From Kyoto Station, take the JR Tokaido Main Line or JR Haruka Express east to Hikone Station . The route is direct, and the journey takes only 45 minutes . If you travel from Kyoto to Tokyo, or vice versa, you will pass through Hikone, and we recommend you make a stop to enjoy a day in this excellent city.

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