What Is A Lazada Microseller And How To Become One

It is illegal to run a business without a business license. The same is true even as an online seller. To keep the eCommerce space open for thriving online sellers, welcome unlicensed people to start online business through its platform. Not independently, of course. Due to the lack of legal business requirements, you can only join Lazada as a micro seller. What is a Lazada Microseller? Lazada microseller is someone who runs an online sales business on the Lazada platform without having to submit his business documents to Lazada. 

Why You Need to Become a Lazada Microseller?

As part of Lazada’s commitment phone number list to maintaining the platform as a legitimate space for buying and selling online, Lazada requires that to become a seller one must have a business license (among other Lazada requirements). 

At the same time, Lazada is looking to expand its platform to people who may not have previous business experience but want to slowly venture into eCommerce. Thus, Lazada coined the term microseller for people who sell online through the Lazada platform through The Online Microsellers Cooperative. 

In other words, if you don’t have a business license but want to sell online through Lazada, you can do this by becoming a member of the Online Microseller Cooperative. 

What’s the difference between being a Lazada Microseller and a regular seller?

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After accessing the Lazada registration page, you will notice that there is an option to become an individual seller or a company seller (besides the global selling feature on the platform).

Being an individual seller is EU Phone Number synonymous with being a micro seller. 

If you  to create an individual seller account, you can do so without submitting a business license. 

But after creating your account, you need to immediately register with the Online Microseller Cooperative. 

If not, Coop will send a report to Lazada that you are not a member after which your shop will be deleted. 

Corporate sellers (or regular sellers), on the other hand, are independent Lazada sellers who submit all the necessary paperwork and thus do not need to work with Coop. 

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