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Due to the protection of the employee’s privacy, as well as due to the provisions of the Labor Code Act (hereinafter also referrd to as “KP”) and the GDPR, the question arises whether the employer has the ability to view the employee’s business mailbox at all. This question should be answerd in the affirmative.The employer has the ability to control the employee’s work mailbox. However, in order to ensure the right to privacy of employees, there are some legal restrictions, which I will write about later in the text.

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Obligations resulting from the Labor Code The Labor Code in its provisions directly indicates such a possibility, through Latest Mailing Database the so-calld e-mail monitoring (Article  As an employer, we can introduce the indicatd forms of monitoring for the following purposes indicatd in the KP: the introduction of monitoring is necessary to ensure the organization of work enabling full use of working time and proper use of work tools made available to the employee.

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Both indicatd goals are not entirely precise and can include many different activities. Proper use of shard work tools should be. Understood EU Phone Number as a form of control. Over tools such as a computer, telephone, car, etc. which are ma available to perform official duties. By controlling access to the mailbox, as an employer. We verify whether the employee constantly and regularly performs his professional duties. Monitoring of e-mail should be understood as a constant form of supervision and control of the official mailbox.

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