How to Track SERP Updates & Prepare Your SEO Strategy

This prompts several questions. Will Google officially announce an update soon? What signs confirm that speculations about an update might be true? How can you track possible updates?

In this article, we will discuss rumors of this potential new major update from Google. We will analyze some indicators SEOs should pay attention to for identifying possible updates and adapting their strategies.

With this information, we can alleviate negative impacts on traffic and keyword ranking.

Should We Expect a Core Update Soon

We’ve barely recovered from the impact of Google’s last core update, and we’re already anticipating another one. You may remember the April core update and how it affected several websites’ traffic.

At the time, Diana Martins (SEO planner at Rock) said the content impacted by the latest update included trends and tools that would be obsolete in 2023—content like “marketing strategies for 2022″ or “2022 social media Ws Database trends,” for example.

The colleague reported a nearly 12% impact on Rock’s blog traffic.

SEO updates were made; and now, three months later, traffic from several sites seems to be experiencing high volatility. This is similar to what we usually experience before and during a Google Core Update.

According to Google reports, the April update volatility lasted 13 days and 2 hours. The September 2022 update warm-up lasted 14 days.

As I write this article, the Semrush volatility sensor shows high activity since July 14. If this volatility period reflects the average of other releases, we can expect a pronouncement from Google later this week.

How Can We Anticipate Google Core Updates

You may have caught one or two tips in the previous section, where I mentioned the Semrush volatility sensor.

The graph shows position exchanges in the SERPs based on a formula built by the company. You can also track this volatility by EU Phone Number keyword categories, such as beauty and wellness.A trigger to remind you to check the Semrush sensor would be when your site shows volatility. For this, you need to observe unusual keyword position changes.

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