How to Succeed as a Freelance Copy Editor

Freelance copy editors can earn up to $40 per hour and have the freedom to work from anywhere they want. If this line of work catches your interest, check out our handy guide to discover what skills and tools you’ll need for the job, how to find one-time and regular clients, and more.While newspapers, magazines, and book publishing companies have long employed full-time copy editors, a professional in this field can also choose to work as a freelancer.

Freelance copy editors are free to pick their clients, jobs, and work hours. Some still work for large corporations but many work with individual bloggers, authors, and influencers.

What are the Six Core Copywriting Skills

You don’t need a college or university education to become a freelance copy editor.

However, there are some important skills and Ws Data abilities you should have before you start trying to find work in this field.

The most important skill for the job is an excellent command of the English language. You must be familiar with spelling and grammar rules to ensure all content is properly written.

You should also have a large vocabulary to create engaging content, as in many cases you may need to change a writer’s original text to make it more appealing and engaging and/or easier to understand.

The ability to focus and pay attention to detail is yet another important skill. Even small spelling and grammatical mistakes can have huge, irreversible consequences for your client.

Make sure your work area is quiet and there are no distractions that would prevent you from fully focusing on your jobs.

Good communication skills can also come in handy. As a freelancer, you’ll likely be working with people of all ages and walks of life.

What’s more, you’ll be working on content that may have taken them weeks or even months to create. You’ll need to know how to suggest changes and point out mistakes in a tactful yet honest manner.

Strong research skills are important as you’ll need to fact-check both fictional and non-fictional content. Research is more than simply Googling a question; rather, you’ll need to make sure all your information comes from authoritative sites.

Self-disciple and initiative are two more important skills.

You have to pay attention to deadlines, but you can’t rush through content without making mistakes.

The ability to pace yourself is imperative to ensure your jobs are completed without undue delay. You won’t have a boss looking over your shoulder, so you’ll need to take on that role for yourself.

How Much do Freelance Copy Editors Make

Copy editors that work for scientific, technical, and professional services earn a mean annual wage of $78,270 while those who work for religious and grant-making organizations earn a mean annual wage of $77,000.

Your ability to promote yourself and attract clients will also impact how much you earn per year. 

Time is also an important factor. It may take months or even years to build a EU Phone Number reputation for yourself and attract clients who can provide you with a steady stream of work.

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