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An both from small, local restaurants and other large companies such as Burger King or Dunkin’ Donuts. Despite this, it constantly stays on the surface. Apple, on the other hand, devotes huge resources to monitoring both the competition and the shopping habits of customers. Importantly, in order not to lose its leadership position, it must continue to do so. This shows that analyzing Porter’s strength at the very beginning of the business is not enough! The biggest ones, even if they don’t repeat it all the time, at least before each major move or regularly – every year.

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Otherwise, it would be very easy for them to disappear from the market in the face of unpreictable competition movements, the emergence of a substitute or problems with suppliers. Commplace’s new client – HS Solar System – Marketing Latest Mailing Database February 10, 2021 A holistic approach to marketing and image is an important element in the process of achieving business goals. At Commplace, we know that each of the tools use must be consistent with each other. The visible image should express the main idea of ​​the brand. We will have the opportunity to use this knowlege during the implementation of the latest activities for HS Solar System.

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These will include support from in the process of implementing a new brand. ABOUT HS SOLAR SYSTEM HS SOLAR SYSTEM is a young and dynamically developing company. Since 2010, it has been operating on the renewable energy EU Phone Number market. Its offer includes professional services in the selection and installation of solar collector installations. In the near future, the brand plans to expand its offer with other sources of renewable energy (heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, wind energy. Community Challenges Among the activities entruste to us were: preparation of the marketing strategy, branding and website.

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