As it requires more code knowledge

You just copy the key and paste it into yours, go to > Settings > Integration. You must paste it into the options. Other subscribers get plug-ins: In addition to the “ form” widgets, there are other plugins that can appeal to subscribers, for example, you can use their key and integration. : If you have a tool that you want to integrate with, but the process is not as intuitive as the previous “, you can always use to integrate, It is a name of the tool integration tool.

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 Pricing Plan Below I show you the prices offered at the time of publishing this article. As you can   new data  see, you have a very interesting starting option that gives you up to one subscriber and one shipment per month. Since then, depending on your needs, your starting price is from EUR to EUR per month. Conclusions & Personal Perceptions For those who are starting out and those who already have movies on their back, it is a very good tool to send marketing campaigns to subscribers without much complexity.

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Well, either of these can work well for you, especially if you don’t have a lot of demands on automation; they’re very similar. You can choose one of the free plans that gives you   EU Phone Number  the most features, nothing more; you will be well served. A big hug!!!! ANTIWER ANNUAL AIRPORT January Night Thank you Edouard, it looks great What is missing in comparison?

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