What is the Expected ROI

This is another partnership model that includes a commercial agreement giving Shopee permission to manage campaigns on behalf of certain bands. In addition, the current service will also sync with Shopee’s full suite of managed offerings.

Some of the benefits that come with this are:

  • Various Google ad formats
  • There will be less effort required to run ads and convert customers
  • You will get special support from Shopee

This is a campaign model that allows brands to run and manage their Google Ads With Shopee campaigns via the Shopee Marketing Solutions Portal .

Through this setup, you will have full control and visibility of your campaigns and a seamless process for doing so. Apart from that, you will also get backend technical support from the Shopee team.

Despite the freedom you enjoy in this arrangement, there are some drawbacks. For one thing, reporting will be somewhat standardized. But the main limitation here is the lack of flexibility when it comes to ad formats. You can only run Shopping Ads using this setup.

Even with these drawbacks, if what you’re looking for

is one of the following, it will still hold up as an efficient setup for your campaign:

  • One stop solution for managing campaigns
  • The ability to run large campaigns even without the resources to do so
  • Enjoy Google Ads With Shopee with only a low-scale investment commitment.

For the Electronics category, Latest Mailing Database it is expected that there will be a 10x increase in ROI, a 7x increase in ROI for fashion products, a 4x increase in ROI for FMCG, and a 3x increase in ROI for the Home and Garden Category.

To arrive at this data, Google conducted case studies on some of the biggest eCommerce companies. Some of them are ASUS, Oppo Indonesia, Unilever Thailand, Loreal, and Maybelline.

Best Practices To Leverage Your Google Ads With Shopee Subscription

Latest Mailing Database

If you’re planning to run a shopping campaign, here are some pointers to help you maximize conversions:

  • Run one campaign to target all products
  • Have at least 50 offers ready to serve
  • Use the shrewd cost-per-click (CPCC) version until your campaign reaches at least 20 conversions.

Smart cost per click is a mechanism in advertising platforms that adjusts your manual bids for clicks in order to optimize them for sure and sell high.

  • Once you reach 20 conversions, you can move on to ROAS (return on ad spend) bidding. You can refer to your historical conversion costs in the last 30 days. Aim for something higher.

In the meantime, if you’re going to run a search campaign, here are the guidelines to follow:

  • Focus on branded search terms
  • Be sure to group relevant keywords EU Phone Number into ad groups using the broad match modifier + Dynamic Search Ads
  • Add two text ads and one responsive ad per ad group
  • Apply eCPC until you reach at least 20 conversions
  • Switch to ROAS bidding once you reach 20 conversions.

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