The finiteness and ever-increasing difficulty of extracting fossil fuels

Requir by time, the process of transition to alternative types is moving slowly, but the understanding of the ne makes most countries develop energy-saving technologies and actively implement their own and global developments in life.

Every year, humanity receives more and more renewable energy from the sun, wind and other alternative sources. Let’s figure out what alternative energy sources are.

Main types of renewable energy

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To date, thermodynamic and photoelectric Phone Number List methods have been devand used to generate electricity. The concept of operability and prospects of nanoantennas is confirmed. The sun, being an inexhaustible source of environmentally friendly energy, may well meet the needs of mankind.

Interesting fact! Today, the payback period for a solar power plant bas on photovoltaic cells is approximately 4 years.

Wind energy

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Scientists are developing new and improving existing wind farms. ucing costs and increasing the efficiency of windmills. They are of particular relevance on the coasts and in areas with constant winds. By converting the kinetic energy of air masses into cheap electrical energy, wind farms are already making a significant contribution to the energy system of individual countries.

Geothermal energy sources use an inexhaustible source – the internal heat of the Earth.

There are several working schemes that do not change the essence of the process. Natural steam is cleane of gases and finto turbines that out EU Phone Number exarotate electric generators. Similar installations operate all over the world. Geothermal sources provide electricity, heat entire cities and light up the streets.

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