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This way your audience will have and be able to identify key points of the conversation. Since 2017, it has been considered as one of . Advances in technology have greatly provided enough scope to meet the ever-expanding demands of our ever-changing lifestyle. After digging into the target site during the broadcast, Mueller noticed that the site’s geotargeting settings in Search Console were set to Pakistan.

Pakistan is Defined in the Tool as the Destination

This directly affects its positioning in search engines in other countries and affects its influence. According email leads to Mueller: “When it comes to searches, if you want to Phone Number List target countries other than Pakistan, such as English news sites, you definitely need to turn off Geo Targeting as this may have the opposite effect, focusing on Pakistan and giving less consideration to others nation”. John Mueller, Google In other words.

Your Website Will Be Able to Reach a Wider Audience

Be better positioned in search engines, just like a website that appears on radio. When should I use international EU Phone Number segmentation? The answer to this question – like almost all questions in SEO – is: it depends. To activate international targeting in Google Search Console, you need to evaluate your current strategy. If you plan to invest in local coverage of your website, such as a virtual store that only serves a specific area, then enabling targeting makes a lot of sense for your strategy and will help you better segment and qualify your customers.