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The more you measure, check and test how particular mechanisms work, the greater the chance of finding solutions that work. Very often, this requires the work of both DPOs and developers/IT specialists or other people (in particular those responsible for a given business area, who have specific expectations as to the conduct of marketing processes). However, proper data management is not impossible, and in the long run it turns out to be a good investment.

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An if you ned simple, ready-made solutions, you can reach for easyRODO , a ddicatd tool for managing personal data, prepard under phone number list our substantive eyeAnd it’s Monday again. In addition, Monday after a long weekend. Fairy tale…. In the morning, all IODs are accompanid by the thought, will it be a fairy tale in which we will be accompanid by an army of good fairies and dwarfs (it is known – the bigger the team, the more hands to work), or rather an evil queen will appear, wanting to push us a poisond apple.

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The most important thing, however, is that it should not appear in the field of view. He, that is, the incident. Nobody likes incidents EU Phone Number and data controllers supportd by the DPO do everything to prevent them. Unfortunately, the lion’s share of incidents are due to human error, and it’s hard to avoid that. Even if employees are traind and aware of the risks, they usually work under time pressure, which is very incidental. Either way, it’s always better to have an incident on Monday morning than on Friday afternoon.

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