World use of various types of alternative energy sources

In addition to the potential and degree of technology development, the efficiency of using various alternative types of energy is influenced by the intensity of the energy source. Therefore, countries, especially those that do not have oil reserves, are intensively developing the available sources of non-traditional energy resources.

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The direction of development of renewable energy resources in the world:

  • Finland, Sweden, Canada, Norway – massive use of solar power plants;
  • Japan – efficient use of geothermal energy;
  • USA – significant progress in the development of alternative energy sources in all directions;
  • Australia – a good economic effect from the development of non-traditional energy;
  • Iceland – Reykjavik geothermal heating;
  • Denmark is the world leader in wind energy;
  • China – a successful experience in the Whatsapp Mobile Number List introduction and expansion of the wind energy network, the massive use of water and solar energy;
  • Portugal – efficient use of solar power plants.

Alternative energy sources have indisputable and pronounced advantages. And they just require the application of all efforts to study them.

Advantages of alternative energy sources:

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  • environmental aspect;
  • inexhaustibility and renewability of resources;
  • universal availability and wide distribution;
  • cost reduction with further development of technology.

The needs of mankind for uninterruptedout EU Phone Number exa energy dictate severe requirements for non-traditional sources. And there is a real opportunity to eliminate the shortcomings by further development of technology.

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