It’s a Relatively Versatile and Flexible Tool Designed to Help

This allows you to sell a maximum of products online and include an image for each product on your website page. You’ll have access to free customizable themes to support online and in-person sales as well as access to custom domains. Plus, built-in real-time analytics help you increase sales. With the free plan users can run campaigns and track deliveries with discounts on various media. You can also set up product option groups for customizable items like clothing. The free plan even includes self-driving services using sales tax tools. Below is a breakdown of each pricing plan.

No signup fees to worry about

The free plan, Gold, is a great product to try for both hobbyists and those taking their first steps into the world of digital selling. The free plan is great phone number list for getting your foot in the door on selling online with the option to easily sell up to a variety of products. Gold plan offers support for up to 1 product images per product Free custom themes My online and in-person sales Real-time statistics Custom domains Promo codes and discounts Shipping tracking Product option groups Product Person Platinum plan supports up to multiple products with one image per product.

You get all the features of the Platinum plan plus a few extras

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Above all, This package costs about $100 per month and is a great option for first-time entrepreneurs looking to expand their space. Features include support for EU Phone Number five products per product for online and face-to-face sales Live Stats Custom Domain Support Editing Theme Codes Google Analytics Inventory Tracking Promotions Management Segment Editing Shipping Tracking Product Options Groups Sales Tax Management Diamond Plan Most Expensive Plan Still Very Affordable for Most Businesses List products.

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