Is a Website Builder Right for Your Brand

This might make sense when you consider the platform’s origins. It was designed by a musician named Yu who wanted an easier way to sell his band’s merch online. While primarily focused on creative businessmen, it’s flexible enough to serve a wide range of business owners. It’s one of the most popular hosting solutions perfect for small business owners looking to start on a small budget. It doesn’t offer many of the extensive and advanced features that the larger eCommerce platforms offer, but it offers a great way to get started online if you’re short on time and money.

There are a total of three pricing plans available

How Big Cartel Works is a hosted website building platform that runs on your own servers without requiring any software installation or coding. You whatsapp mobile number list don’t need to try code and programming to get started. This is ideal if you’re a relatively small business owner who wants to keep things simple. The monthly fee includes hosting, as well as basic security features. Because the platform is offered on a software-as-a-service basis, you don’t actually own the technology you buy but pay a monthly fee to use the functionality. Big Cartel Prices Big Cartel Reviews Pricing Page Let’s start with the pricing structure.

Starting with the free Gold plan

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Three pricing plans available Gold Maximum products Free Platinum Dollars per month Maximum products have five images per product. You EU Phone Number also. Get integrated bulk editing features. And more options at. Diamond level for USD. Per month with a maximum. If five images per product and all Platinum level features. One of the biggest standout features for me is its affordable price. Perhaps the main reason many creatives jump in is because it’s such a bargain rather than spending the extra money on a more advanced product. Even if you expand from the free plan to one of the premium options you’ll still pay less than many other platforms.

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