I Was So Thin That Doctors

At the most I’ve had to slow the pace of my life down a lot. This was really hard at first because I always lik to be out doing something. But with a quieter, more relax existence, I spend less money, write more, and have less anxiety. I just get worn out easier. Sometimes I get the feeling that people think I’m lazy, but I keep up with the dishes and cleaning the apartment. I exercise, and do things. I just can only stay at the mall for two hours as oppos to all day. And after that, I’m going to take a long nap. It’s okay. Tiring easily has given me patience with myself and with others.

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Everyone lives life at their own spe. . I respect phone number list triggers and have some of my own I lik watching horror movies and psychological thrillers with my friends in high school, but after a while, I began to realize that I couldn’t handle certain things. Watching scary things causes me to hallucinate and even have delusions sometimes. I remember telling my friend that we couldn’t watch the horror movie she brought over in high school. She actually got mad at me, saying she didn’t understand why I suddenly couldn’t watch horror movies anymore.

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No matter how others react, take care EU Phone Number of yourself. When I’m on the internet, and I see something scary, I immiately close my computer and distract myself. If I’m on Facebook and someone posts a picture of a spider (it actually happen twice last week), then I hide the post and do breathing exercises. Spiders are my most common hallucinations and just seeing a picture of one can trigger that immiately. I’m a lot more sensitive to what I say around others, and I respect triggers now that I understand them.

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